• Tax advice on construction and application of federal, state and local tax rules related to direct, indirect and social security taxes.
  • Answers and appeals representation and resources in administrative proceedings,and legal lawsuits challenging taxes at local, state, federal and social security levels. 
  • Advisory and review service on different tax and accounting aspects related to acquisition of companies, merger, spin-off, joint ventures and other corporate restructuring including tax planning. 
  • Advice on transfer price, tax indemnification and review of DIPJ (Corporate Income Tax Return). 
  • Advice on tax exemption and fiscal incentives for Third Sector companies. 
  • Advice on administrative and tax aspects of business involved in different activities connected to international trade including use of special customs regimes. 
  • Taking measures before the federal, state and municipal governments to obtain exemptions, special tax regimes and tax incentives. 
  • Advice for obtaining tax benefits originated from technology innovation.